About Giving

Thank you for coming to this page. We would like to reassure you that this page is not about fund‑raising - we trust in the Lord to provide, and He never disappoints. This page contains information for church members who wish to give their tithes and offerings via on-line banking.

If you give tithes and offerings by cheque, please feel free to continue doing so.

Bank Details

If you would like to support the Lord's work through Elim Pentecostal Church, Aldershot via on-line banking, our bank details are shown below:

Sort Code:
Account No:
In the Reference field of your payment, please enter your name - this is required for Gift Aid purposes only.

Elim have introduced Givt as a new system for giving electronically. Givt is easy to use and secure. Givt manages your Gift Aid for you too!

Give by scanning a QR code

  • Choose the amount you want to give
  • Choose ‘Next’
  • Choose ‘QR code: give by scanning a QR code’
  • Now, aim well … Scan the QR code and your donation has been made!

The Givt app recognises the QR code and knows to whom you want to donate. If you have an internet connection, your donation is sent directly. If you are not connected to the internet your donation is saved first and, as soon as you are connected to the internet and you reopen the Givt app, your donation is sent.

Usually your donation will be withdrawn from your account after five working days (the first time you use it, it may take up to two weeks). Please use the Contact Us form to let Marilyn know when you've made a gift-aided donation - it helps her recover the Gift Aid.

This is our QR code:

Givt QR Code
Gift Aid
gift aid promo

If you are a UK tax payer, you can increase the value of your donation by 25% through Gift Aid. If you are not registered for Gift Aid, you can download the Gift Aid registration form below (you'll need Adobe Acrobat or similar PDF reader)

Adobe Acrobat PDF icon EFGA Gift Aid Registration Form

Please complete Sections A and B of the form and post or deliver it to:

The Treasurer, Elim Pentecostal Church, 52-58 Holly Road, Aldershot, Hants GU12 4RJ

During the restrictions of the Coronavirus outbreak, please post the completed form to the Treasurer (Marilyn Warne) at her home address. If you don't have Marilyn's address, please use the Contact Us form and Marilyn will respond.