The Vaccine – Informed Perspectives

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The Vaccine – Informed Perspectives

As the rollout of the second Covid vaccine hits the UK there are small signs of hope that things could be getting better. However, there have been some interesting questions raised around the Covid vaccine that need to be explored, such as:

  • How do we know who to trust amidst all the information out there?
  • How is a vaccine made, tested and approved?
  • Will our travel or work be limited if we haven’t taken the vaccine?
  • How do we know the vaccine is safe?
  • Who should get it first and how effective is it anyway?
  • Is it morally permissible as a Christian to receive the vaccine?

Elim’s National Leadership Team have asked a panel of experts to address some of these key matters and help us navigate our way through the ethical issues of the vaccine and on Tuesday 12 January at 2 pm we will be hosting a FREE webinar on the Elim Pentecostal Churches YouTube channel to explore this further.

Hosted by Dave Newton (Elim’s Director of Training) and including the following guests, we will be looking at this from a medical, theological, pastoral and personal perspective:

  • Prof Chris Shaw - Specialist in Drug Discovery in Pharmacy, Biotechnology and Peptide Biochemistry in Medicine
  • Debbie Duncan – Respiratory Nurse Specialist and Lecturer at Queen’s University, Belfast
  • Revd Dr Simo Frestadius – Theologian, Regents Theological College
  • Revd Malcolm Duncan – Elim Pastor and Public Theologian
  • Dr Kofi Obuobie – Consultant Physician and vaccine recipient

There is no need to register - to access this live at 2 pm on Tuesday 12th January, simply tune in to our YouTube channel here: Vaccine Webinar - YouTube. Please feel free to invite others from your church to attend too.

Don’t miss out on this critical conversation.